InstaPromo Is Growing!

We have recently hit 1,500 users with little to no bug complaints! We launched in August with no users, and just two months later we’ve hit a surprising 1,500 users.

We here at InstaPromo want to thank you all for using our services, especially to those who have emailed us personally expressing your benefit from and overall enjoyment of our app.

If we can reach 2,000 users by November 1st we here at InstaPromo will add to each account 2,000 credits.

Just a few quotes from our users who contacted us directly:

“It has been an amazing experience so far!”

“I’m really surprised! It is a great way to gain followers and people! I love it!”

“I love the design and simplicity of your site by the way!”

“Your service has been EXCELLENT so far!”

“Hey mate, I’ve been really enjoying using your app.”

I will leave these anonymous, but feel free to leave a comment if any of these are yours!

Thanks again to everyone who uses our service, we hope you benefit from it greatly.

Sincerely, everyone here at InstaPromo!

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