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Instagram Bot Update

On September 1st Instagram has limited likes if signed requests are not implemented. We have successfully implemented those signed requests after tonight’s maintenance. We have done testing but there could still be some bugs. If anyone has any issues please email us ASAP at

Happy botting,

InstaPromo Team.

Twitter Bot Update

Our Twitter bot seems to be quite popular. We did have an issue for the past few days and the bot was down, this is now fixed. There are also new restrictions in delays to eliminate any further issues.

Currently each user is given 1,000 free credits. There is now an option to buy more credits, via PayPal, just make sure you are logged in and not currently using the bot.

Thanks for using our services.


Public Free Twitter Bot

Our Twitter bot is now open to the public, this bot is very similar to our Instagram bot. Currently the bot can follow, unfollow and send direct messages automatically. The bot is still in its BETA phase so there may be some bugs, if you experience any difficulties please report them as soon as possible. Anyone who reports bugs or suggests improvements will be given addition credits.

Currently each user is given 10,000 credits to start, more will be given for participation in the BETA test. Users cannot purchase more credits as of yet but will be able to do so soon.

Please visit and log in via the Twitter ‘Sign In’ buttons and your account will be given 10,000 credits.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to use the contact form or email us directly at Thanks for using our service.

Twitter Bot

We are currently working on a Twitter bot, very similar to this website. As always no passwords or downloads will be required. The bot will follow users based on a users following, keywords and hashtags, it will also unfollow users and send direct messages. Any suggestions on other functions are highly encouraged, please contact us.

We are looking for beta testers to find any bugs, this will be safe and your account will not be at any risk. If any of you are interested in utilizing this please email us via the contact form, or directly at We should have this up and running within a few weeks. We will contact anyone who shows interest as soon as it is ready.

Thank you,

The InstaPromo Team.

Scheduled Maintenance.

We have gathered a few improvements that we can make here at InstaPromo to increase performance and reliability. We are currently at 12,000 users, with this amount of traffic along with Instagram’s policies we are forced to make a few changes. Nothing will change with the functionality of our program, it will all work the same, just more effectively and with less error.

Our website will be shut down for a few hours sometime between 5/17 and 5/20, we are not sure exactly when it will be but you will be redirected if maintenance is in progress.

We thank all of our customers, especially our recurring loyal customers. Please be patient, better things are coming!

High Volume Usage

We have been growing rapidly within the past few months with over 8,000 users. Due to this there are times the bot may not work as efficiently as you are used to. We are actively trying to fix this issue, which is due to our websites limits set by Instagram. We want to continue to provide an Instagram bot that does not require your account password, so this limits us to few options but the problem will be resolved. Please be patient and continue to use our services. We thank you all for the interest in our website.

Delayed Support Responses

We apologize for the delay. Due to the holidays it’s been hard to respond to all of you in a timely manner. We will be getting back to all of you by today or tomorrow, we ask for your understanding and patients. We hope this does not discourage any of you from using our services.

On a better note have reached well over 3,000 users! We thank you all for your interest in our services and hope you continue to support us.

Because of the overwhelming interest we will be giving away 2,000 free credits to anybody who contacts us mentioning this post! Please use the customer form or email us directly with your account details. Thanks again!

InstaPromo Is Growing!

We have recently hit 1,500 users with little to no bug complaints! We launched in August with no users, and just two months later we’ve hit a surprising 1,500 users.

We here at InstaPromo want to thank you all for using our services, especially to those who have emailed us personally expressing your benefit from and overall enjoyment of our app.

If we can reach 2,000 users by November 1st we here at InstaPromo will add to each account 2,000 credits.

Just a few quotes from our users who contacted us directly:

“It has been an amazing experience so far!”

“I’m really surprised! It is a great way to gain followers and people! I love it!”

“I love the design and simplicity of your site by the way!”

“Your service has been EXCELLENT so far!”

“Hey mate, I’ve been really enjoying using your app.”

I will leave these anonymous, but feel free to leave a comment if any of these are yours!

Thanks again to everyone who uses our service, we hope you benefit from it greatly.

Sincerely, everyone here at InstaPromo!

We Want To Hear From You!

We would love to know where you heard about InstaPromo so we can focus our advertising in the right direction.

If you could please use the contact form or email us directly at and let us know where you heard of us and how the app is working for you.

In the email include your Instagram account and we’ll add free credits to your account! Thanks