Small Update

We now save your last used tags, so when you log in the tags used during your previous session will be displayed. We are also now keeping track of your total unfollows.

We just hit 500 users! Thanks for using our service! Any suggestions to improve are always encouraged.

Bug Update!

We here at InstaPromo have been trying our hardest to keep our app bug free. We have found a rather annoying bug caused by Instagram. Instagram will, from time to time, ask that you enter a ‘captcha’ via their website or app to verify you are human, and expiring  your token in the process. This means that until you do this InstaPromo cannot function. We have implemented a set of alerts, so when this does happen you will know right away. When you see this alert please enter the ‘captcha’ via Instagram, then sign in again to get a new token. If you have experienced this, let us know the details leading up to it, and of course we will throw some credits your way! We are working to find a way around this at the moment, don’t worry!

InstaPromo is Online!

InstaPromo is now live! We are very excited and hope you will give us a try. Each new user will receive 1000 free credits to try us out. Any suggestions to improve our service would be great.

If you spot any bugs let us know ASAP, and we’ll reward you greatly with free credits!